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May 15, 2020
This intro post is edited.
The date is changed to 5 years ahead from original date of June 17, 2020
The after cut is my old intro, i no longer accept friends as i dont use this account as friending purpose anymore.
I mainly use this profile to add to communites and posting occasional personal journal.
To communities, this account is active for content consuming and will abide all your rules.

Current interest: BTS, GOT7, Arashi, dramas, variety shows

Have a nice day everyone!
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Sakuraiba wedding kekeke

oh right.
finally you guys are married
lmao funny story, my friend text me about this and said aiba & sho got married and my 1st reaction was like huh?? to each other? hahahahahha so funny.
sakuraiba bond so strong they annouce wedding at the same time. true bestie hahhahaa
matsujun & ohno left. dont wait too long guys kekeke
Congrats again to both of them. May you have a happy ever after


wow its been so longgggggg more than a year.
i havent been here because i somehow out of kpop loop.

i'm so stressed today i came here to write something.

Just overwhelm at work. still at my old company. its my 4th year. my team mate has resign. overwhelm by workload also need to join unnecessary meeting.

i'm so tired
i wanna quit this job so bad.
but cant.

This lj need revamp

its been a while since i noticed but this account need modification hahaaa
All my header and mood pictures expired. The thing is i dont remember how to edit layout anymore nor i have the time and urge to do so lol. so if you guys see those expired photos, just know that i'm still active. just lazy hahaha

edit: i did bare minimum but atleast its new header? kekeke

Movement Control Order

Due to Covid-19 since 18th March, we Malaysian are ordered to stay at home and only go out for groceries within 10km of our house the least possible. Since then almost 2 months at home and finally 2 days ago i'm back to office with rotation schedule for 2 weeks. Then a week Eid holiday then all back to old time with new normal. If no new cases spikes and the stricter MCO is implemented again that is.

Writing this as memories of living in pandemic era.

Hopefully the virus disappear the soonest and no more lives and lifes affected by this virus.

Stay safe everyone, wash your hand regularly, less visit to crowded space and lets win this fight!
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i'm at work, procrastinating and now i'm sleepy lol. typing this to pretend that i'm busy also to avoid accidental eye shut lmaoooo

life is okay i guess, waiting for good news at work. hopefully it deliver hihi

fangirl live is just okay haha. i dont follow BTS as much as i do last time, i skip things but i do keep up to date with big event. no energy to be that fangirl who follow every rumors and watch every fancams lol oh and also i started watching more arashi this days hihi

i'm planning to buy a 360 camera : insta 360 one x. however there is rumors that they will announce the new version in late december. just announcement not sure when the actual camera will release. but now i'm in dilema, to wait for new camera or just buy the current one hahaha. my mind keep changing every day every hour. sometime i'll be like ahh screw it i'm gonna order it right now, sometime i was like lets wait until dec announcement and sometime i was nah forget it. hahha have been watching reviews for almost a month now hahhaa helpppp
i'm the type that will buy anyway if i was this commited to watch reviews and all so i guess lets see until i decided the final decision

lmaoo as soon as i stop typing the words above and stop to read, my eyes immediately drop hahahahaha lunch break in 1.5h so long....

circle of life

Happy independence day my country!! proud to be Malaysia.

its been so long since i'm writing anything here kkhh
currently i'm more active in twitter because of bts but i do visit here for friend list haha

saw my last post about stress at work, guess what? the stress root at my work kinda got what he deserve so we are good for now hahaha
also since bts is on break and all they release is back stage and documentary like release i need to find new entertainment.
which is why i'm here again ahhahaha

its been so long since i watch anything arashi. they are still the fun guys last time i know them off hahaha. while i'm not active here i do heard about all the important news.. what else can we do. just enjoy it while it last i guess.

that's all for today. until my next post.

have a nice day everyone


I'm so worked up over some changes at work today i need a place to vent.
At this exact moment I hated everything in this office. so i'm writing to let it out.
so stressed! i'm stress about everything sighhh