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kim junsu is mine forever! xD
17 June 2020 @ 09:16 pm


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kim junsu is mine forever! xD
06 December 2016 @ 05:42 pm
lol i was writing description on my yt vids but went too far so i c&p it here hahaha

These are my shaky fancams from the event if anyone interested:

Members introduction

Yugjae Sexy Dance

Youngjae sings Trauma

JB sings Just Because

Ask Youngjae Corner

Guess The Item

Balloon game 1

Balloon game 2

JB & YJ ending ment


I finally met Got7 in real life sobsss
I love them so muchhhhh.

Youngjae is 76557577576 times prettier in person and i still cant believe i had the chance to call his name to his face lolol his jawline thoughhh he can cut apple with that haha. his laugh, act, smile is the same as we always see except 375837309 times real? hahaha lmao i seriously cant get over his smile and nod when i greet him aaahhh youngjae dont play with my heart hahaha

Bambam hard carry the fanmeet really, he always respond to the mc, he initiates talk with us, he talk behind stage, at some point he even translates lol he do all sort of fanservice i love him <333

Yugyeom is cutee kekeke he's so hyper along with bambam <3 he's as always as we see in shows etc. and he keep making youngjae do something kekeke magnae line were very cute tbh. they keep calling the hyungs old etc

My seat is on the right side of the venue so i mainly see magnae line most of the time. JB, mark, jinyoung and jackson sit toward the left of the stage so i feel like i didnt look at them much.

JB mood during this fanmeet is moderate i guess. he's not HYPER and not moody or anything. he just sits and smiles all the time and all i remember was him staring at youngjae most of the time (ayy 2jae haha) because the q&a is basically yj's corner keke

Mark.. i dont remember him much except when he ask youngjae to say i love you but still got hijacked by jb hahaha and his aegyo after the surprise vid hehehhe

Jinyoung is friendly. he's always alert like i dont really pay attention at him as in i dont watch his fanmeet fancam etc so i didnt know how he interact with fans but he's very indulging and totally aware of his surrounding and it was such a pleasant surprise for me<3

Jackson sits far left so i didnt see him much except during game part. he was a bit quiet in this fanmeet he must be dead tired but he still give his best. he's all hyper during the game etc. jackson hwaiting!
kim junsu is mine forever! xD
21 June 2016 @ 04:08 pm
as a someone who claim they got all the time in the world, I'm definitely not here as often as I thought I would be hahaha

1st of all, it's Ramadhan! Happy fasting to all Muslims hehe

mmm... I'm actually here to rant about the latest biggest scandal ever regarding my long-last fav but now that I'm here I'm kinda fingers-tied (tongue-tied get it? lol)
well, my stand is I'll just watch it from afar and wait for the result, I guess.
at first I was so shocked my heart was beating so fast and I really hope it was a bad nightmare.
i cant denied that i'm very disappointed at his life choice. i'm disappointed that he would do something so risky like that. whatever the truth is, crime or not. after everything they have been through i was expecting him be more level-headed.
i hate that this scandal affected him. i hate that this scandal affected his group. i hate that this scandal make me feel so disappointed that i was so ready to drop him. sigh
i just wanna say that i hope everything went well, i hope the assault is never there. if its proven guilty then i'm sorry i have no tolerance over sexual assaults or any heavy crime in general.
whatever the results is, he'll never be the same to me again.

anyhow, how liking a kpop group for 10 years totally ruined my faith lol
1. when someone says their group bond is the strongest in the universe they'll neven break up- you guys dont know how the world roll
2. when someone says a person of celebrity/ famous person is the nicest person ever - remember we doesnt know them behind camera.

i've always known that i dont know these people personally and there is much more behind the screen but you never know how much you believe in someone and get surprised how some things affected you guys so much it change your perception in life. hahaha
but i say its a life learning process. to those young people getting into their first fandom experience, just take it easy and enjoy the show. your time will come have a nice ride :)
kim junsu is mine forever! xD
16 May 2016 @ 12:09 pm
So i started this so called fandom life 10 years ago in 2006 when i first started my university life,
fandom back then was more 'harmonize' i would say since internet connection is kinda limited, and only forum hold discussions etc so any issues raised, it doesn't went out of proportion like how many case right now. and even if it does it doesnt really reach me thats why i said i was in peace haha.. anywho that's not what i'm going to talk about today haha

so in my 10 years of fangirl life, in the early years, i'm just a poor student who can barely afford anything.
my first official kpop merch purchase is AADBSK season 3 DVD. (the dvd is damaged rn bcoz of bacteria or something -_-) it is because i'm dbsk trash and poor but back then it took 387689 years for dvd content to be uploaded. so yeah i bought the dvd and not the album since its easier to get illegal song download hahaha

i started to buy albums post-db5k breakup. mainly to support jyj (and later ONE homin dvd coz i'm a trash but also dont want to spend money on SM lol)


so up to 2014 i have like 10 albums/dvd which is very good because 7 years and 10 albums? pats my self control on the head hahaha
at first i have this rule of only buy jyj korean full album (coz you dont print money!)
and then they started releasing solo so i was like only buy jyj and junsu's!
and it was fine since junsu release new album like once a year.
at this time (post breakup) i'm totally done with kpop (it was bitter and boring era lol) and only keep up with runningman and random shows

fast forward few years later and a very boring day i decided to watch new show called roommate and long story short i end up marathoning all got7 stuffs and it went downhill from there lol

got7 was interesting coz if i ask myself years back if i'll ever love other groups like dbsk i would say nah it'll never happen but i guess when a bias chose you, you dont really have choice lol

anyhow, i started to like got7 in jan 2015 and they didn't release anything until like 7 months after and at that point i still in this (i only buy jyj album) and was VERRYYYY tempted with just right mini album but i say to myself its a mini album, you only buy full album remember? so i didn't buy if you do and confession songs too

and while stanning got7 i also got myself into bap and bts. so bts release their hyyh pt2 mini album but what mini album offers 8 songs? and 100pg photobook?? and very affordable price at that so, i 'accidentally' preordered one for myself lol


BTS - HYYH Pt. 2
look at jimin photocard. haha jimin is my 2nd bias at that time but i really wants tae's so it was like mmm...  lol i was very bias and that's how i broke my no mini album rule

few months later bap comeback from their hiatus and i fell deeper and the 2 months later they release another mini album, which i end up buying to support them. PLZ LOVE BAP THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS


BAP - Carnival Special Edition
i bought the special version because of more stuffs but the price is not much different with the regular version. i got himchan for both mini standee and photocard. hahaha by this time knowing my luck, i already know i'll never get my bias which is Yoo youngjae (and jung daehyun but ssshh haha) so it was like okay kekeke

so what happened when i already bought bts and bap album when my ultimate bias is got7 all along? lol of course i end up buying got7 album too. haha i actually waited for the new album and already decided i'll buy it since after i bought bts album ahhaha


GOT7 - Flightlog:departure
and guess what???? i got YOUNGJAE for both boarding pass and photocard!!!! kekeke i squeal so hard when i saw it hahaha the feeling is the best when you least expect it hihihi. a little mistake while ordering though, i forgot to change from exclude to fold option in poster section so i didnt get the poster. oh well better be careful next time.

and lastly, the latest album i bought (which prompt me to do this post) received it last week


BTS - HYYH Special Album: Young Forever
and luck is on my side again keke tae my ultimate bias and hobi my current top 2 bias hihihi
and ohhh congrat babies for the triple win on the FIRST week of comeback! <33

and thats how i bought 4 albums in 5months sigh. why do i even stan so many group right now? sigh

and guess what? junsu's new album coming. i'm actually waiting for sites to open preorder hahaha bye2 money

ok thats all.
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kim junsu is mine forever! xD
12 May 2016 @ 04:19 pm

LOOK AT MY NEW DEFAULT USERPIC KEKEKE i loveeee this pic. i love that yellow hehehe


oh i wasnt aware there is an event? i thought it was just guess as in guess whatever you like just wait lol.
giggles at xitizen kekeke. magic carpet is it like Aladdin? keke
kim junsu is mine forever! xD
hiiii.. I'm bored.. lolol
I just need something to do. and like I explain before,
this is the only site isn't blocked at my workplace haha

bts young forever album is coming~ i hope it reach home today keke
i wonder who's photocard i'm gonna get. i think i'm okay with everyone's tehe
if i cant get taetae i kinda want hobi my 2nd bias or yoongi sshhh because what did he eat why is he so beautiful??
anyhow i cant wait to watch their performance. and yesterday bighit announce jungkook will rest because of influenza
but today they announce its misdiagnosed and jungkook is promoting now.
while i think he should rest if he's even a bit unwell but remembering how excited he is for promotion i'm glad it works for him

got7 touring right now and so apparently someone tweeted that bambam said they are preparing for comeback??
but they havent even finish touring. they have like 389375 shows more in the US.
and i was hoping they come to malaysia later in like mid july-aug for their concert. (as june is ramadhan month and all)
i guess we'll see but pleaseeeeeeeee let jackson rest. he's breaking his body :(
i know jackson do all the schedule willingly but people should tell him when to pause and sit back.
getting sick once a month is not healthy at all mr wang jia er

oh got7ing prank episode yesterday.
haha like any other prank vid i had to pause to sort my feelings lol
yugyeom take it well. it was totally absurd i'll be seething if i'm yugyeom
youngjae throwing things is kinda convincing coz he always throw stuffs lolol
yugyeom said something about youngjae getting mad but i dont remember i need to rewatch
jb's sudden pulling hyung card and getting mad and gyeom and bam was totally absurd i laugh while watching haha
yugyeom's face when jb reveal the prank was sooo funny hahah
so they are posing with super expensive bottle of wine (heol right). at 1st they try to make yugyeom drop it but it doesnt work
so jackson take over and drop it in front of yugyeom except yugyeom is at the most front so he's the most innocent person in that incident
but jackson start blaming him and he was like i'm sorry.
jinyoung keep blaming youngjae, (to create more drama) so he get mad and threw the stick he's holding (classic youngjae hahaha) and threw toilet paper(?) and ran out of the room hahaha and then he collapsed on the stair laughing lolol. he even come back and shout at jinyoung and ask him to go out and fight i guess hahha i was laughing because its so ott but youngjae is mysterious idk if he ever get mad like proper mad hahaha
anyhow when jb answer the phone (from staffs?) and was like "oh the wine is actually xxxx won?" basically cheap) and they all cheer and yugyeom's face is like "i swear we fight for this cheap ass wine" and then he saw the camera and was like ??? wait lololol
the whole think is kinda funny but heartwarming coz at first yugyeom is laughing and all (since ofc they usually wont fight for breaking props) and yugyeom apologize even when he didnt do anything at all and agree to pay half for it. its great for variety value but i dont ever wish for that to happened to me coz i'll flip my table if someone started framing me for something i didnt do hahahha

bap on world tour and having a blast. hahha they keep spamming ig i love it (except for youngjae because "i'm precious i only share a little" keke)
and lol at every single bap vapp end up getting cut because of the shitty internet lolol i swear they have 2 version of every session)
latest vapp (i think coz i havent watch only see tweets) someone ask when is the next comeback and daehyun is like in 10 years lol. i guess it will take a while since they are releasing new japanese single.

and lastly Mr KIM JUNSU when can i preorder your new album? lol i kinda wish junsu having extravaganza teaser like idol nowadays but when i think again he doesnt even need it. haha people who buy his album is his fans that will buy anyway and its not like he can do public promotion so. keke

ok thats all for today i guess. expect me more here *me talking to myself* hahaha

and bless twitter getting blocked here coz i'll just word vomit everything ^ in twitter instead hahaha
kim junsu is mine forever! xD
lololol 1st greeting in 2016 after 4 months :P
hello everyoneeeee (read no one coz i have no friend here lol)
this is like the longer tweet for me coz no one reads it kekeke
so warning tldr this will just be a word vomit post because i'm bored and resourceless(?) hahahha

so i change to this workplace located in a cave lolol cave because we got no telco line like why???
the building here is weird lol that or its something related to the labs etc that they restrict(?) the telco line for the whole floor.
anywho so i got no telco line so i cant use my mobile internet, and then the pc's internet block everything except livejournal lol so here i am hahaha

4 months,
mmmmm i still in a slump i'm not even sad anymore? (lies haha ssshhh) anywho enough with personal life, lets talk about babiesss haha
literally babies because i'm way older than them they all are my sons lolol

GOT7 jjai!
1st of all, congratsssssssss babiessssss for the no 1 win in public broadcast. i'm so proud and happy for you guys. love it love it
i love how got7 members are in constant happy vibe these days, they all are literally glowing and looks happy.
maybe its because they all participated in songs making and they are satisfied with all their songs this time and probably have sufficient rest before comeback not like mad comeback. that comeback was painful to watch because everyone got sick huhu
the no 1 win must have release tons of burden on their shoulder being a bandboy in big3 company that somehow not popular enough? i dont even know why korean didnt see their potential. maybe they are blind lol
got7ing is a nice weekly show hahaha i love how they basically take in the no script rule and go all out being themselves in it hahahah the karaoke ep was lit!!! lololol youngjae idk you love karaoke-ing that much lolol
oh upcoming ep8 (ep 6 this week) they prank yugyeom again!!! lolol magnae will never live lololol poor gyeomie i cant wait hahahha
jackbam in real man idk what to expect i'm just a bit worried since that show is tough. i know jackson will like it but that boy has too much on his plate. chopstick bambam fighting! get that recognition! lolol
ohhh markjaeeee. so apparently from my understanding, youngjae switch to a room (alone? manager's?) because of 2jae's room condition (too hot too cold whatever) but the point is he change room and play games at night and mark (who already switch to magnae room because markson's room is a mess no one can live in it lol) got influenced and currently rooming with youngjae because of the game. hahaha coco parents bonding because of their daughter and games kekeke they have gone long way from being awkward with each other to the bestest bff right now hahhaa i'm sorry jb but i ship yj with whoever he wants kekekeke so markjae is my fav pair rn hahaha
lmao this is getting too long

Bangtan Boys BTS!
i love them so much. i think i love kim taehyung more than got6 (coz minus yj since he's the ultimate bae) tbh hahahaha sshhh sorry babies. but taetae is just that easy to love he's so fluffy and cute and he knows it gdi hahaa
bts run era feels so short well since it is cut short with all the injuries (you clutz-joonie hyung) hahaha i'm just glad they had more rest after that since disaster is like following them starting with taegi's sickness and then joon hurts his hand, jin hurts his finger (while trying to wrist slap tae lol)
i love hyyh p2 album omg butterfly, baepsae, house of cards, my city etc aaaaaa... upcoming sp album will include remixes and full ver of house of cards i cant wait hahahha
so tae hair is orange in the photobook and the latest airport pic its look like he has the wash out orange, so are they going to rotate orange, blonde, mint green now? lol like if they want to rotate colors i prefer the lavender color for tae. i miss that hair hahha
jung hoseok the bias list wrecker. i swear all my feels for him is a karma because i kinda ignore him in early days but jokes on me coz who's shipping hobi's pathway rn? lol so i watched ahl and it change my life forever lol. like it open my eyes to the wonderful human being named jung hoseok there's no turning back kkkhhhh

Best Absolute Perfect BAP
hahaaha i just wanna type that once kekeke. bap's carnival is love. i love all the songs. one of it is my ringtone right now. too bad most of their fans leave them during hiatus. people are missing so much. i wish they have this one song that will turn back fans huhu coz babies deserve so much more.. they need more fans korean and international though i can foresee people bashing them for himchan's weight joke mmmm.. while i think the joke is not funny but i think some people are reaching way to far huhuhu i dont even wanna talk about it whatever but for now i love them as what they are and have no problem with their action yet so far so yeah whatever.

oh, one more thing, so i bought bts' hyyh part 2 peach ver (jimin card) which broke my no kpop babies album purchase so i also bought bap's carnival sp ver (himchan standee and card) hahhaha that ofc leads me in buying got7: flightlog serenity ver (coz hellooo got7 is my no1 babies lol) and guess what???? i got youngjae for both individual card and unit boarding pass <3 too bad i forgot to change the poster option from exclude to folded (coz tbh i dont really care about poster) but its nice to have it since its included with the album and all. reminder for me to purchase more carefully and wisely lol. now bts coming back with sp album (repackage w 3 new songs and 4564 remixes) i gamble and buy night ver (eventhough i like the day photobook) but turn out for now i like day version more hahaha too late. night ver is nice with the camping concept and all but i just dislike their shorts lol but whatever we all know we'll get both photobook vers scans anyway kekeke

i wanna talk about junsu and arashi too but i got lazy lol
just waiting for cjes to announce junsu's new album and wish they wont just sell it in cjes shop like fruitful trip dvd coz apparently cjes dont want my money lol

kbye until next time lets wish its not another year lol (but who knows since i only got this site to access now hahaha)
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kim junsu is mine forever! xD
yo yo yo
GOT7, BTS, BAP ruining my life. why did i decided to stan 3 kpop groups??? lololol
idk if i wanna thanks or blame v app existence lolol i jump at my phone's notification every single time in case one of them is doing v app video
the worse thing is when they clash each other thats where i questioned my priorities omg. like i'm in the mid of got7 vapp then bts going live too like ugggh life is so hard #newgenfangirlproblem

Got7 in Jakarta today have fun guys~~
I LOVEEEEEEE THE CONFESSION SONG FREE DANCE LIVE VIDEO!!! even more than the actual mv haha because of full shot of the guys being silly (like always) and opera youngjae ftw lolol

BAP 1st win for Young, Wild and Free!
Congrats guyssss!!! and i'm going to take their words to just enjoy this comeback it doesnt matter if they win etc so i'm just gonna enjoy it without stressing about anything else. good luck though to baby i'll support from the back hehe

I ALREADY SEE THE CONCERT'S FANCAM I WANT THE MV AND THE REST OF THE SONG OMG I CANT WAIT SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! and tae! i'm gonna be so disappointed if you dont do the pre-concert v app live tomorrow. i'm going to sulk!! lol

ok this is longer than i thought lol. have a great year end everyone~
kim junsu is mine forever! xD
18 September 2015 @ 11:40 pm


early this year, i remember posting something like joining a new fandom that is got7 and lets see how long will it last. hahaha
guess what falling deeper into them. sigh
newsflash: even manage to add new face hahaha

my current biases (lolz)
jyj = kim junsu
dbsk = ?
arashi = aiba masaki
got7 = choi youngjae
bts = kim taehyung
bap = yoo youngjae

lmao 6 freaking group i'm crazy lolol.

kim junsu is mine forever! xD
03 June 2015 @ 05:37 am
haha its been a while since my last post. How are you guys? hanging on with your life?
i'm still in my slump mode so yeah this post will be short.

btw do you guys want to know why i'm posting all of sudden?
hahha i'm just minding my own business scrolling my feed suddenly i noticed my calendar on the side bar.
its stated i already have post in this month and i was like huh?
turns out its my pinned introduction post. lolol
wow how long have i been in here that i came across my pinned post kekeke

so i checked and its been 7 years~ i first created this acc on february 2008. time sure flies. i never thought i'm going to stay with lj for that long. haha maybe thats why i only set it 5 years later or something. i dont even remember why June 17 lol. maybe thats the date when i first created the pinned post?
haha anyway i guess i'm just gonna change the post date. i'm thinking to set it to 2020. let's see if i will have this kind of post in 2020. hahaha

edit: hahaha i just figure out the sticky post option. (is it not there 5 years ago or i'm blind? hahaha) anyway i'm stil changing it so that i can have the 2020 post if i'm still here hahah

have a great day everyone and keep hanging on. lets pray for better future fighting!
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